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Aquafresh Commercial RO 500 LPH


Plant Design Basis and Conditions :

  1. We have designed this system to produce permeate flow 500 Liters per hour.
  2. Maximum TDS Level of Raw Water (input) upto 2500 ppm.
  3. The treated water quality as required i.e pH 7-8 after correction ,TDS <100 PPM & Hardness < 50 PPM can be achieve , subject to the feed water quality is the same as specified above .In case of any change in the quality of raw water it may have implication on operating parameters or on end results of the system.
  4. The system of recovery is properly maintained corresponding to the raw water TDS.
  5. RO feed water limiting conditions as mentioned below are strictly maintained,
Parameter Results
Turbidity < 1 NTU
Free Chloride Nil
Oil & Grease Nil
Iron <0.1 PPM
SDI <4.0
Temperature < 45 degree C
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