Are you buying a Water Purifier for your Home? Here a Few things to Remember

All set to purchase a new Water Purifier for you home? Well, its really a wise option to choose in view of rising water pollution threats. Polluted or contaminated water is the main cause of several life threatening human diseases.

However, how to choose the right Water Purifier for domestic use? This is one of the key questions you ask yourself, while purchasing a new Water Purifier System.

TDS check

First, you must check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) level of the drinking water in your home. You must go for a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier System, if the TDS level is quite high (above 500), along with salinity and hardness, etc.

Water Contamination Level

The other key things you must observe is the contamination level of water. If the drinking water coming to your house is highly contaminated, i.e. includes, viruses, microbes, bacteria, harmful pesticides, etc. You must purchase a water purifier with RO+UV technology. The UV kills the harmful bacteria and viruses present in the drinking water and subsequently, RO membrane filter and eliminate all the dead microbes, etc. making the water pure, clean, and safe and health to drink.

Which Company offers best RO Water Purifiers with UV technology?

Aquafresh RO is the leading Water purifier brand in India that is widely popular for offering top quality RO+UF+UV Water Purifiers. Aquafresh is a popular and trusted name and its water purifier products are found in vast number homes in India.

Aquafresh RO System is one of the leading manufacturers of Aquafresh RO Water purifiers with UF+UV Technology. It is the leading exporter and suppliers as well of Aquafresh RO in India. If you wish to purchase the safe, trusted and efficient Water Purifier for your home, visit the website of Aquafresh RO Systems to order the best RO Water Purifier System online. Alternatively, you can call the helpline number of Aquafresh RO Systems to book your order over phone.

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