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Industrial RO Plant

Today, a quality Reverse Osmosis Plant has become the need of every plant or industry. We at Aquafresh RO Systems provide the vast range of Industrial RO Systems for our various clients across India.  We install the Industrial RO plants based on the individual requirement for the tap water, design, and capacity in terms of LPH (Liter Per Hour). We set up the industrial RO plant using high grade material and highly advanced technology as well to make it durable, while producing the safe, healthy, and clean output water.

Our Industrial RO Plants are customized to best suit the demands of individual industries in terms of design, usage, output water, and industry type, i.e. factory, pharmaceuticals, organizational center, food processing unit, etc.

The highly qualified, skilled and experience Reverse Osmosis experts at Aquafresh RO Systems first do a inclusive assessment and evaluation of the quality of source water available at the different locations to use the appropriate setup, Reverse Osmosis and purification technology.

Here are the key features of the Aquafresh RO System’s Industrial RO Plant:

  • Dematerialized, Safe, Healthy, and pure drinkable water
  • Highly Advanced membrane technology
  • Smooth operation and low maintenance cost
  • Modular structure prepared using high grade material and quality spare parts
  • Considerably low water-wastage rate, – a key in saving valuable water
  • Retains the required minerals and other healthy components in the water.
  • Customized Designs to suite the specific industry types and demands
  • Long lasting material and components used
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