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RO Membrane

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane plays a key role in removing the salt, heavy metal ions, sand dirt and dissolved substances and chemicals from the water. Hence, it’s a vital part of a Reverse Osmosis System. We at Aquafresh RO Systems offer the different brand of RO Membranes, i.e. VONTRONE, CSM, FILMTECH, etc. All these RO Membrane brands come in different size and specifications based on the use and category.

The RO membrane price we quote is quite reasonable compared to several other entities in the industry. We provide the top quality RO Membrane, which is manufactured using the premium quality raw material and following the global quality standards.

The key features of our RO membranes are as follows:

  • High salt rejection percentage
  • Prolonged use and self life
  • Rolled by imported machines for optimal performance
  • Sheets manufactured by the leading brands
  • Specialized in eliminating Sand Dirt, Worn and Rust Particles
  • Manufactured using highly advanced technology and Global quality standards

We offer the RO Membranes for the different RO Systems and water sources, i.e. ground water, sea water, MCD Supply water, etc. These membranes are largely effective and efficient in removing the harmful junk particles and making the water safe for drinking and other use. Despite maintaining all the quality and durability features aquafresh RO membrane price is absolutely inexpensive and affordable for diverse category of RO Water Purifier users across India and the world. So, if you wish to use the best quality Reverse Osmosis Membranes in your RO Systems, then review, choose and order the best quality RO Membranes listed below.

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